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I'm Marissa and my dream to finally start my mobile bar business came true! The idea came to me in March of 2018 and the rest is history........well enough about me!

Meet Tilly, a restored 1968 Go Tag-A-Long camper converted into a chic mobile bar. Our dreams became a reality when we, My husband Rob and I transformed our vintage trailer into a celebration company. We preserved the original bones, added a new fresh coat of paint, a serving window, and modern fixtures.

Tilly is ready to celebrate and is loaded with charming additional items, including vintage peacock chairs, gorgeous floral decor, a water cooler station, and handcrafted prosecco cocktails. Did I mention we also make a killer Sangria?


Parked Prosecco is founded on integrity, quality, and service. With more than 12 years in the hospitality industry, Parked Prosecco has become the product of our passion for hosting and entertaining any special event. There’s nothing like prosecco that defines the Italian philosophy of la dolce vitathe good life – in cocktail form. We can’t wait for Tilly to be a part of your next special event. Contact us for booking inquiries. 

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